Killa Cold Mint

Killa Cold Mint Extra Stong Nicopods.

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EUR 3.93

Killa Cold Mint Nicopods.

You can expect a really powerful nicotine kick with Killa Cold Mint. And with the fresh taste of mint and small touch of menthol you get a very nice strong all white snus!

Killa Nicopods are produced by UAB N.G.P Imperial Lithuania in Sweden. 
The pouches are free from tobaccoo but have the nicotine and cellulose extracted from the tobacco plant.

Killa Nicopods have a high nicotine content (24mg/g) and are aimed at experienced users who no longer want to consume tobacco, but still want to enjoy the effects of nicotine.

This product is very strong and not recommended for beginners!

More Information
Nicotine (mg/g)16mg
Content (g/can)16g
TypeAll White
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