AG Snus has developed Shiro, a new all white product that suits modern women and men who are looking for an effective nicotine experience and a completely pure taste without the taste of tobacco. The word Shiro means white in Japanese - the white nicotine bags contain pure plant fiber, with added nicotine extract.

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  1. Shiro #11 Tropical Passion
    Shiro #11 Tropical Passion
  2. Shiro #4 Spiced Blond Strong
    Shiro #4 Spiced Blond Strong
  3. Shiro #05 Sour Lime Strong Slim
    Shiro #05 Sour Lime Strong Slim
  4. Shiro #03 Extra Strong Slim
    Shiro #03 Extra Strong Slim
  5. Shiro #01 Fresh Mint
    Shiro #01 Fresh Mint
  6. Shiro #06 Sour Red Berry Slim
    Shiro #06 Sour Red Berry Slim
  7. Shiro #02 Cooling Mint Slim
    Shiro #02 Cooling Mint Slim
  8. Shiro Licorice Strong
    Shiro Licorice Strong
    Out of stock
  9. Shiro Cuba Libre
    Shiro Cuba Libre
    Out of stock
  10. Shiro Mojito
    Shiro Mojito
    Out of stock
  11. Shiro Pina Colada
    Shiro Pina Colada
    Out of stock
  12. Shiro True North Slim X-Strong
    Shiro True North Slim X-Strong
    Out of stock
  13. Shiro Virginia Classic
    Shiro Virginia Classic
    Out of stock
  14. Shiro Cool Mint Strong
    Shiro Cool Mint Strong
    Out of stock
  15. Shiro Sweet Mint
    Shiro Sweet Mint
    Out of stock
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