"Vika Pink is an all white snus i.e. the pouches as well the ingredients are white.
The taste is interestingly approaching from the very first moment.
It has slight sweet strawberry taste but refreshing at the same time.
It kicks after 15 seconds and gives a good nic rush to your brain.
Vika Pink is specially designed for smoking women to prevent from smoking and leaving them the relieve and the taste of a good break."

I personally really enjoy this product. In fact it is so good that I use it daily.

Regarding the flavor, it has a fresh taste of Strawberry and it kind of remind me of some sort of candy I used to eat as a kid.
The biggest issue with nicotine pouches are that they usally have this "chemical" feeling which I dont like but Vika does not have that.
The portions have a good size, not to small and not to big, "lagom" as we say in Sweden.

It has a nicotine stenght of 12,5 mg/g and gives you a good burn for a few minutes.
The flavor lasts really good for over an hour which I find really good.
Most other brand only last 30-45 minutes.

The design is simple and clean and love the pink colour on the can.

I would really recommend this product and the other flavors from VIKA as well.
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