LYFT Mint Slim

LYFT Mint Slim All White Portion has a rich mint flavor that comes in completely chalky white portions.

LYFT Mint Slim All White Portion contains whole white mucus portions with a nicotine strength of 8 mg / g. Something that LYFT does not contain is tobacco. Instead of tobacco, eucalyptus and pine fibers are used.

Pamper yourself with the LYFT Mint Slim All White Portion and experience a full spearmint sweetness perfectly combined with a cool menthol chill.


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  • 1 piece EUR 5.65/piece
  • -10% 10-pack EUR 5.09 /piece
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EUR 5.65
LYFT Mint Slim
LYFT Mint Slim LYFT Mint Slim
More Information
Nicotine (mg/g) 8mg
Content (g/can) 16.8g
Format Slim
Type All White
Brand LYFT
Manufacturer BAT
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